Penn Robotics Winter Workshops


Penn Robotics would like you to participate in a unique opportunity in our robotics lab. As Team 135 continues to gain experience with new, innovative machines/processes and technologies and processes, we want to pass these exciting experiences onto others with an interest in STEM. We are seeing excellent and unique learning opportunities for them in preparation for a STEM degree and career. It is important for our next generation of STEM students to gain insight and interest in these key experiences.

Team 135 is offering a series of innovative workshops that we believe are impactful experiences to have as students move through middle school and high school. Enrichment workshops will be held on December 27th and 28th, one suggested for 1st-3rd grade students and one for 4th-8th grade students. Descriptions for the two workshops are below:

Creative Workshop 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Suggested Age: 1st-3rd grade. Price: $80.00. A camp that stretches the creative mind! Students are given a design challenge to complete over the course of two days. Students will be using K’NEX to build a solution to the stated problem. They will be on teams that will design, create, and improve upon their concept. While having fun in an exciting environment, the emphasis is always on the process of design to build, while always improving on previous ideas! On Friday students will have the opportunity to test their concepts against the other teams within the workshop. Parents are also welcome to attend the Parent Show which will take place the last 15 minutes of the workshop on the December 28th. High school robotics students will be mentors during these two days of fun!

Applied Workshop 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Suggested Age: 4th-8th grade. Price: $80.00. This camp is geared towards students who want to expand their knowledge in designing and manufacturing! This workshop is also geared towards students who can follow instructions and are comfortable behind computer software. Over the two days, students will be designing 3D parts on the computer that can be brought to life with many CNC Machines. Students will have the opportunity to use the 3D printer, CNC Laser Cutter, the CNC Router, and many other tools/machines in the Penn Robotics Lab! High school students will be mentoring and helping students with their 3D computer designs and machining their parts.


If you have any questions call our lab: (574) 254-2881 or email: