Penn Robotics has been a FRC team for 21 years. We have gathered so much knowledge that we would like to share with the community. The media team is a very crucial part to have a successful FIRST team. Showing the community who we are and what we do is important. We want everyone to experience the best season. Here are some resources that are very helpful to those interested in media.

Media College Mirror is a very informative website for students, mentors, and coaches to check out about the different forms of media. There are numerous amounts of tutorials and examples to help you make media the best of the best.

Blender is a free program that is easy to maneuver and has lots to offer. There are multiple things Blender can do such as, drawing in 2D and 3D art, animation, sculpting, and video editing. All you need is a Windows computer, download the program, and you’re ready to go.