Team 135 was started 22 years ago by Jim Langfeldt; prior to this time, no one in Northern Indiana had ever heard of FIRST or of a competitive robotics team. 135 was the first FRC team created in Mishawaka, and has introduced generations of Penn High School students to the love of STEM. This year’s 2018-2019 lineup is overseen by head coach Jim Langfeldt and assistant coach Scott Shelhart: there is a current enrollment of 45 students with many more to come. Over 450 students have graduated from this team, and have gone on to be scholars, teachers, and engineers. Through innovation and ingenuity, the Black Knights have drawn students out of their comfort zones and created a close-knit learning community for teammates of all types. We pride ourselves on inclusivity and aim to expand our reach with each passing year. Overall, Team 135’s mission is to create a new generation of problem solvers and to inspire young minds through diverse experiences.