The Horizon Girl Scouts, and a few boy scouts, asked us to come in on November 20th in order to teach the kids about robotics and meet the requirements for their badges. While there, we taught the kids about Mission to Engineer, programming, CAD and design, and allowed them to drive the Kiwi robot. For their design badge, we had them get into groups of 5 or 6 and draw a robot that they would later build and showcase to the rest of the group. We provided them with materials including straws, paper, string, plates, and clothespins in their pursuit to build what they’d designed. After they had all built and presented their robots, we moved onto our ‘program a person’ game for their programming badge. This game showed the kids how specific you have to be when coding a robot. If you’re not specific enough, the robot will not respond and be able to complete the task. From moving a pencil into a basket to simply moving across the room, the kids learned that you have to give detailed descriptions when coding robots. Lastly, we demonstrated our robot and held a question and answer session where we told them about FIRST and how we built the robot.

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