We arrived at Purdue’s CoRec on Friday, October 26th to set up our pit for Boiler Bot Battle. We then competed on Saturday with two robots in attendance. One was from last year’s competition season. We built the other in the weeks leading up to the competition. There were 24 teams present, five of which competed with two robots. The teams came from several states and regions, including one traveling 36 hours from Mexico.

We learned a lot from this competition, including the importance of pit setup, scouting procedures, and team communication. BBB provided our first year members with a firm grasp on how FRC events function, better preparing them for actual competitions in the future. Our robots performed well, placing 13th and 17th during the qualifying matches. We lost in the quarterfinal round, allied with Team 6451: Wired Warriors, and Team 1781: Electric Eagles. This was a great event for all who participated and we greatly look forward to the upcoming season!

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