Technovation: Full STEM Ahead 2018

Technovation is a well known event held at Penn High School in which teachers and faculty come to attend sessions of their choice throughout the day. Each session demonstrates how to further the learning experience for their students in some way. This year, our robotics team led two sessions, demonstrating the use of 3D printers/pens during the lunch period, as well as giving a presentation.

Penn Robotics presented on Mission to Engineer and Computer Assisted Design applications in the classroom. In the presentation, Daniel Nilov and Michelle Kwok talked about the importance of ME and how it started. They shared stories about Hand of Grace and Engineering Ella, and showed a video on what we did for them. For the CAD aspect, the presenters exhibited iterations of of a robot part, specifically the intake arm. The various CAD models were shown and it was explained that CAD was used to communicate between members of Team 135. Various useful resources related to CAD, such as Thingiverse, were explained as a way to further involvements in the classroom. We had one teacher present and she was experienced in Inventor; Michelle and Daniel took her on a tour of the shop and the library to show Team 135’s machines, old FTC robots, FRC robots, 3D printers, and 3D pens instead of doing a live CAD demonstration.

The teacher, from St. Joseph High School, sent us an email saying, “My name is Micha Chmell. I am the PLTW Engineering teacher at Saint Joseph High School. I attended Penn Technovation yesterday. I went to the session on Mission to Engineer and CAD with two of your students, Michelle and Daniel. It was such a pleasure to hear their presentation. I was the only teacher who came. They did a great job and were so professional. I could really tell how much they have learn and are invested in the programs. I just wanted to let you know that they did a great job, even with just one teacher! Thank you for letting your students share all about robotics and engineering with me!”

3D Printers/Pens

During lunch we ran several booths and pieces of technology–including 3D pens/printers and our robots–for those interested in learning more about what Team 135 does inside and outside of the classroom. We displayed freshman and sophomore competition robots from FTC and robots from Team 135’s past FRC seasons.

Escape Rooms

The first session, led by Julia Fisher and Leah Ingle, covered how to effectively use escape rooms to further education in the classroom. In this session, many tactics were covered including– but not limited to– how to integrate lessons into puzzles and codes in the escape rooms. This room and session was interactive and allowed the teachers to have hands on access to what they could use in future classroom lessons.

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