On Friday, April 27th, 135’s coach, Jim Langfeldt, along with McKenna Hillsdon-Smith, her mom, and Josefine Eskildsen traveled to Detroit for the FIRST Championships. After arriving at the Cobo Center that morning the team members headed to check-in to get their tags and then made their way into the pits to mingle before lunch. They managed to stop by several Indiana teams and wish them luck in their robot matches as well as watch a few matches before McKenna and Langfeldt parted ways to go to the Dean’s List lunch. McKenna ended up winning the Dean’s List Award and the Team 135 is so proud of her accomplishment. The Dean’s List Award is to recognize the leadership and dedication of FIRST’s most outstanding secondary school students. After that the group spent the rest of the day walking around and admiring the different views inside the Cobo Center.

The next day the primary focus was for McKenna and Josefine to walk around the pits and talk to other teams about 135’s latest project, Mission to Engineer –  it was founded to help make more affordable solutions for kids with disabilities. The goal is to grow this program with the help of other FRC team in the hopes of making it a nationwide project. A few FRC teams were interested to sign up to become Makers for Mission to Engineer. The members watched the finals; the winners from each of the six fields were competing against each other. In the end, the alliances from the Daly field and the Carson field competed in Einstein, with Daly being the winner. Overall it was an amazing, exciting weekend filled with cool robots and memorable moments. 

Written by: Josefine Eskildsen


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