Chairman’s Award & Community Outreach Programs Presentation

On Saturday, October 14th, Penn Robotics had the opportunity to present at Purdue FIRST Forums on the Chairman’s award process. The Black Knights won Chairman’s both at the district and state levels last season as well as in 2015. In 2016, we won Engineering Inspiration. All of these awards helped qualify us for the World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri. Team 135 traveled to West Lafayette to teach fellow Indiana teams about the process of procuring a Chairman’s victory. During the presentation, teams and mentors learned about the requirements for submitting the Chairman’s award, as well as how we succeeded last year on 135.

This event helped us reach out and other teams in Indiana. We always like to provide assistance to our fellow teams in FIRST. Team 135’s mission is to create a new generation of problem solvers and to inspire young minds through diverse experiences. This includes doing whatever we can to help other teams. The students that presented on behalf of Team 135 were Kelsey Anderson, Joseph Irvin, Alyssa McNarney, and Mackenzie Richards.

Written by: Joey Irvin

Technical Innovation for Organization & Sustainability Presentation

In Team 135’s last presentation of the day, we talked about technical innovation. Presenters Alyssa, Justin, Drason, David, and Olivia provided various amounts of information ranging from how we function as a robotics team to how we help our community around us.We discussed how we use online programs such as Google Drive and Trello to effectively communicate and collaborate on projects. We also have slides about our lab and the machines we use, including our new CNC mill. Furthermore, we went on to talk about our methods of fundraising, media,  and our overall team setup. After the presentation, the audience gave us many insightful questions to fill the remainder of time. These included inquiries about our programming software and the control systems we use, the methods of collaboration on Google Drive and Trello, different ways of fundraising and more.

Written by: Justin Ralston

FTC Engineering Notebook Presentation

Penn Robotics Team 135 presented alongside several members of our  FTC Teams. FRC student, Kia Heryadi, stated that she “presented alongside Daniel as well as Dominic and Braden from FTC, a our primary audience was FTC. Our focal topic during the presentation was the importance of  an FTC Dominic passing out supplementary materials to the audience engineering notebook and the information included in one.” To produce their highly informal presentation, her group worked for weeks leading up to Saturday. They covered basic topics, including the recommended format of the notebook and how to organize each section. One of the more advanced topics included branding. 

Once all of this information had been documented in their presentation, they meticulously practiced so it would be perfect for Saturday. The end result was an extremely successful presentation that informed a large crowd of various FTC teams and mentors in a spacious room containing approximately 180 seats. Overall, it was a very successful presentation and we received a lot of positive feedback from audience members. 

Written by: Kia Heryadi

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