Last Saturday on May the 6th Penn Robotics Team 135 volunteered as a part of the Silver Mile Run for Education at Penn High School. The annual event consists of a 5K run, Family Run, and a large area for local organizations to present to the community put on by the PHM School Corporation. Penn Robotics is one of a few organizations that presents yearly to community, and jumped again at the opportunity to reach out to people about FIRST® (at the FTC and FRC levels) and STEM.


As soon as Team 135 returned from the World Championships earlier last Monday (May 1st) planning of the event went back into motion.  Checklists were made, emails were sent, and conversations were held. A few days later it was time to put the plans into place.


Early Friday evening, Penn Robotics Team 135, enlisting the help of its fellow FTC teams, went to work, setting up tables and banners and making last minute adjustments to robots.


Over the course of the event, over 1500 participants came in total and hundreds walked through the showcase area after the run.


As runners came in from the run, they were greeted by a series of refreshments from local organizations which included Penn Robotics. On the day of the event, Penn Robotics presented a variety of topics. Of the two most noticeable were competition footage projected onto a screen and robot driving demonstrations, done by both the FTC and FRC teams. As people’s attention were caught by the sight of robots competing at the FIRST® World Championships or the sight of our robot performing feats, team members explained to them the ideas of FIRST and how STEM relates to their lives.


In addition to some of the bigger things, the teams also operated a few tables for people interested in general information relating to STEM topics and FIRST® beyond what was being offered at the robot demonstrations. One of most popular STEM topic talks were though a 3D printer demonstrating  exclusively showing off 3D printing technology to the public. Other talks included talks about STEM programs at Penn High School and the pathway to robotics.


Going into the afternoon, the crowd started diminishing, but Penn Robotics continued its demonstrations until the crowd was gone. To end off our “run” at the Silver Mile Run for Education, our demonstrations had caught the attention of PHM School Board Superintendent Dr. Thacker. A short conversation was held between him and fellow team members before he left and the annual Silver Mile Run came to a close.




Team 135 In Numbers: The Numbers of Silver Mile 2017

1500 Total Participants

500 Runners

About 30 Robotics Volunteers

Over 20 Organizations (Counting in and out of school)

6 FIRST Teams (5 FTC and 1 FRC)

5K of Running

2 Fields

1 Event


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