Print  2009 was another successful year for team 135. We competed at the Midwest Regional first, captained the 4th seed alliance, and picked Team 2039, Rockford Robotics, and Team 2338, Gear it Forward. Our alliance made it all the way to the regional finals, losing eventually to the 3rd seed alliance, captained by future world champion Team 111 Wildstang. Later, at the Boilermaker Regional, we ranked 18th and were picked by fellow Indiana Team 1000, The Cybearcats, along with Team 829, The Digital Goats. We made it to the semifinals. In the Newton Division, Team 135 ranked 29th and were selected by 2nd seed captain, Team 1918 NC Gears, as a first pick, and Team 85 Built On Brains was selected to round out the alliance. Our alliance was fortunate enough to make it to the division finals for our third time, losing by a score of 106 – 98 in the rubber match to Team 121 The Rhode Warriors, Team 1507 The Warlocks, and Team 177 Bobcat Robotics. Our season culminated in a successful IRI competition, where we were chosen by Team 111 Wildstang, along with Team 980 ThunderBots and Team 222 Tigertrons. For our third time in the season, we advanced to the finals. What a great season!


2009 Daniel Bass, Nathanael Cox, Blake Disselberger, Paul Eitler, Kevin Gwilliam, Evan Hissey, Michael Keywood, Michael Leathers, Alex Mirowski, Ian Murg, Sean O’Connor, Ben Orosz, Greg Powell, Charles Romine, Brad Sperry, Michael Zeiler

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